Thursday, July 5, 2007

Did you mean GOOGLE?


Don't you sometimes find it irritating when a computing machine that is sitting thousands of miles away (Mountain View to be precise) mocks at you by saying "Did you mean salt" when you actually wanted to search for "pepper". Well, it is not that bad yet. But, try searching for "french military victories" on Google and click "I'm feeling lucky". Wasn't that funny?

The altruist Google lands Yahoo! as its first link when you try searching for "finance procter and gamble" and ranks itself fourth, which I found interesting. Is it so difficult to rig a webpage's rank, or are they just being altruistic and not trying to rig?

This New York Times article on Google touches on Google's efforts to tweak its search engine to up its own rankings.
But last year, Mr. Singhal started to worry that Google’s balance was off. When the company introduced its new stock quotation service, a search for “Google Finance” couldn’t find it. After monitoring similar problems, he assembled a team of three engineers to figure out what to do about them.
But I still think they can do better than 4.

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