Friday, July 20, 2007

This week in Tamil Cinema

This week in Tamil Cinema has been very active. Interesting news abounds.


Kireedam, an Ajith starrer, is releasing today. Ajith's previous movie, Aazhwar, sunk like a rock. Trisha, whose previous movie with Ajith - Ji - was barely pecked by the Tamizh audience, is the heroine of Kireedam. Raj Kiran, who has grown to be the Tamizh Big-B in choosing dignified roles that suit his stature, plays the role of a doting father to Ajith. I've developed a soft corner for Thala since it appears to me that he has stopped taking himself too seriously. The preposterous role in Citizen, where he thought he could get away with portraying an annoying stentorian village bum, just cannot be accepted. But from then on, he has been toning down his mannerisms and polishing his histrionics. Now he acts reasonably and looks pleasant. I hope he gets a break through Kireedam and we see more movies of his movies such as Vaali and Aasai.

Balaji's thoughts at this impending release is here.

Shreya, who is rumoured to have demanded a whopping 65 lakhs for Dasaavatharam after being carried away by Sivaji's success, is starring opposite Thala in his next movie. I think today's heroines realise that their stint in movies will be rather short compared to that of the men in the industry and feel that they might as well make hay while the sun shines and demand unreasonable salaries. While it is fair that the market dynamics offer high salaries that they deserve today, misestimating their worth can cost them their career. I hope Shreya realises this.

Eccentricity is hereditary. Living proof is Simbu, son of T. Rajendar. Kettavan starring the former, it seems, is about his relationship with Nayantara which failed.

I feel that both the dad and the son are very talented, but that the talent is eclipsed by their eccentricity. The schizophrenic feel they have - sometimes displaying flashes of brilliance, sometimes making a complete buffoon of themselves - is what attracts me to their movies.
Saving the best for the last, here is more news about Dasaavatharam from randramble. The news item he links to does not come as a surprise knowing Kamal, but is very pleasant in that we learn Kamal is still his diligent hard-working self. His conviction in portraying scenes as close to reality as possible is one of the main reasons for his success in the industry. 'Ethaartham' (meaning real and natural) is one of his main themes in anything he does. So much so that I actually thought for a second that the the above was really GWB, one of the characters he plays in Dasaavatharam.


Karthik Sriram said...

Heard any news on Kireedom? I'm getting mixed reviews.

Shriya - man she is so beautiful, pay her more! :P

oLi said...

We all get her her pay by paying for the tickets :) So watch Sivaji a dozen more times and her salary becomes 1 crore :)
One review I found online.

I will tonight be posting the review for Malayalam movie Kireedam starring Mohanlal which inspires the Tamil version. That movie is stunning -

Karthik Sriram said...

Do you even have to post a review? This half in jest, but I think its one of the most endearing movies from Malayalam Cinema.


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