Saturday, July 7, 2007

Short story: Leftovers?

Disclaimer: Read this story at your own discretion. Children, expectant women and weak-hearted are strongly discouraged from reading this story.

Belgokiler, a 43 year old Belgian man, invited Dumby for a casual dinner party to introduce his stepson, 11 years old, and his wife, 46 years old, to Dumby. The dinner was a grand affair and the guests were delighted by the scrumptious food and wine. Anticipating the guest crowd to heat up the air around the dinner table, Belgoklier had already arranged an alternate place for his family. A place that was cold, freezing cold, away from the bodily warmth and the heat generated by the candles in the dinner table.

After a boisterous dinner, but still not having met his family, Dumby helped Belgokiler pack the leftovers. "Do you have place enough to stuff all of these left overs?", asked Dumby. "Are you kidding me? We, in Belgium, have freezers that can house an entire family, well, almost.", he said. Still feeling a little queasy about not having met his family, Dumby continued to pack the leftovers, now at 43 boxes.

Dumby walked to the freezer to put the boxes and opened the freezer door. Belgokiler rushed to her saying "Mrs. Dumby, meet Mrs. Belgokiler and her son." Dumbfounded, Dumby looked at them and said "Heeelllllooooo. Sooorrryyy yooouuu'rre lalall..lllate".



That was an inspired short story, inspired from real-life events with the names of characters modified. THAT is spooky!

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