Saturday, July 14, 2007

Stand Up: Modern Art

The picture posted above is of the stand-up comedian who changed my fundamental outlook on stand-up from disgust (since most of them have generous vulgarity with umpteen expletives) to finding humour in the simple things in life.

"I have never understood modern art. I mean, what is it? To me it just looks like someone who had a clear picture in mind and starts drawing, half way into the painting gets disgusted at it and throws the rest of the paint and the painting around and then sells it for hundred thousand dollars.

If you're a bad painter and have a bad temper, you'll be a successful modern artist.

And who'd buy modern art? You go to an exhibition and look at all the paintings. Most of them make sense to you - sunrises, forests, kids playing around, fall colours, rivers and all that. But this modern art is one thing that you don't understand and so, you buy it to have it for the rest of your life to figure out what it exactly means...

I have seen people walk by fast at regular paintings and when they get to a modern art they twitch, squint, stand upside-down and then, buy the painting, sometimes having nowhere to hang it since they just sold their houses to buy it..

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