Sunday, July 8, 2007

Review criteria

The following is the method I came up with to calculate the rating-metric of a movie and will try to tweak it as I receive feedbacks from you folks.

I shortlisted the elements I generally break down a movie into. They are -

Music/background score, Stunts & Choreography(2)
Cinematography & visual effetcs(1)

The numbers in the bracket represent the importance associated with the respective criterion. Each movie will receive a score for each criterion out of 10 and then the final score will be evaluated by factoring in the importance of the particular criterion. For example, let's say a movie has the following ratings:

DIRECTION (3) : 8 = 24
ACTING (3) : 8 = 24
STORY (2) : 8 = 16
DIALOGUES (2) : 7 = 14
SCREENPLAY (1) : 9 = 9
MUSIC/CHOREO (2) : 6 = 12
COMEDY (1) : 10= 10

The overall rating comes to 116/15 = 7.8.

I know this sounds too meticulous, but I don't intend to make this excruciating for every review. I will assign a score such as 7.8/10 (8, 8, 8, 7, 9, 6, 7, 10) for the above movie and link to this post, and anyone interested in knowing the details can read this post. The scores in the brackets correspond respectively to the scores for the individual elements listed above.

I've often wondered what would be a good metric to assign a numeric rating to a movie. I really like Balaji's method of star-rating a movie, and I've always wanted to discuss with him how he comes up with the ratings. Since his rating mostly coincides with how I feel about the movie, I rely on it heavily to decide whether or not to watch a movie. But, for example, when I see a metric in RottenTomatoes the take-away is not clear to me at the end of reading a movie review. If there is a clear metric associated with every movie, and I know how the metric was arrived at, it would give me a reasonable idea as to why the movie is rated the way it's rated especially when it is rated by a single reviewer.

I hope I'm able to keep up with this rating system, and that it is of some use to you readers. Any comments on how to improve the system is much appreciated, as I've mentioned above.

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