Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Review: Kireedam (Tamil)

Class to crass.

Rating:5.9/10 (5,5,8,6,6,7,5,5)

If all it took to remake a classy movie was to recruit big names, make it anachronistically modern and retread the original scenes with bad acting, then Vijay, the director of Kireedam, would have made it. However, success takes more than blanketing a classic story on top of a modern setting and additional masala. This would have been a riskfree venture if Ajith could have gotten over his past failures and mustered some enthusiasm to act. But unfortunately, through out the movie, he lacks confidence. Ajith takes on the role of Mohanlal in the original and Rajkiran dons the role of Thilakan.The backbone of the original are the characters and the beautiful relationships. The lack of the bone here is because of shallow characters and undeveloped emotions.

To recapture the story: Rajarajan (Rajkiran) is a steadfast constable whose biggest ambition in life is to make his son, Sakthivel (Ajith), a Sub-Inspector. After an emotional send-off when Sakthi goes to write his SI exams, Rajarajan confiscates the car of a law-breaker who happens to be the son of a politician. Since Rajarajan refuses to apologise, the department has no other choice than to transfer him to Kodikarai, which is haunted by the rowdy Varadhan (Ajay). Meanwhile, Sakthi proposes to Divya (Trisha), and their parents give their consent to this relationship. Once Sakthi returns, a clash between Rajarajan and Varadhan ropes in Sakthi, and in an outburst of rage Sakthi mauls Varadhan. This promotes our beloved hero, much against his will, to the position of a rowdy. For every step Sakthi takes forward, the gang wars make him take two steps backward. At a point when his family's well being is at stake, Sakthi resorts to the do-or-die attitude.

The biggest problem with this movie is the acting, or better put, the lack of it. Ajith simply has to act. It's that simple. He is lifeless throughout the movie. He blew my top off when he hogs, like there was no tomorrow, when Rajarajan brings him food when he is in jail. The scene turns from an emotional scene to some sort of an advertisement for SaravaNa Bhavan! The underdeveloped love between Divya and Sakthi is nauseating to add to which his proposal dialogue "first payyan apparam poNNu" has the potential to drive any movie critic crazy.

I think the biggest problem with this movie is that it has a yardstick to measure against. When the original is a blemishless piece of art, to even try to live up to it, the remake should have tried to resemble reality. In choosing to glorify the hero and have big cities as the backdrop for the story, the director fails to hit the spot.

To the whole crew's credit, this is better than previous Ajith's movies and even better than most recent masala movies. Also I feel Ajith's potential as an actor is more than what he has displayed in the past. I was expecting this movie to elicit his talent, but I was disappointed to find that it did not. He does not have too much steam left in him and if anything miraculous has to happen to make his career float, it has to be now and it has to be movies that have strong stories such as Kireedam's.

Rajkiran does his part well and so does Saranya as Sakthi's mom. The pair reminded me of Thavamaai Thavamirundhu. Rajkiran remains docile for most of the movie, except for the action scenes. Vivek's presence is not felt much, and most of the humour falls flat amidst the atmosphere of the movie.

The music is above average and my favourite, as would anyone else's be, is akkam pakkam. It is a sweet melody and Sadhna Sargam does a good job with the tune and, unsurprisingly, a bad job with the pronunciations of the lyrics. Kanavellam is a fast number with a catchy tune. The theme music is haunting and fits the story well.

If only Ajith and Trisha had acted...

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