Friday, July 6, 2007

Tamil Cinema Gossip
In my opinion, MusicIndiaOnline-Tamil's Hot Off the Press is an example of a perfect web replacement of the gossip magazines such as Cinema Express. Though I can read Cinema Express online, the pleasure I derive from reading gossips in English with added 'masala' is unmatched. Here is one perfect example of such a gossip.

...we hear that he (P Vasu) is all set for a bigger project — to direct Kamal Haasan no less, after the ‘Ulaga Nayagan’ finishes Dasavatharam.
When asked, Vasu laughed off all speculation saying “No comments”. In simple English that means he is still writing out the story.
No comments. No, I'm not still writing out a story. How come, given the above? Because, I don't use simple English.

It was also very interesting to read that the MIO crew consider P. Vasu's working with Kamal a bigger venture than his Chandramukhi project. I mean, each of their articles is a chockfull of titbits that make it unusually interesting and sometimes controversial.

And it's of course great news that Kamal is going to be working with P. Vasu on an 'entertainer'. And right now I'm eagerly waiting for Dasaavatharam, in which Kamal plays 10 different roles, to release. Currently the release is slated for DeepavaLi and I hope this venture does not get delayed as is typical of Kamal movies.


randramble said...

Interesting perspective. By "bigger venture", I suppose MIO folks meant it in reference to Thottaal Poo Malarum that he's wrapped up now.

oLi said...

randramble: I thought that is what MIO meant, but I think at some level, I'd like Dasaavatharam to be a much bigger venture than Chandramukhi - which was merely a scene by scene lift-off from the MalayaLam film maNichitrathaazhu.

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